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What is the cost of having Live Healthy Vending in our business?

We own, stock, and service our machines and micro-markets at no cost to you. The only cost involved is the cost of providing energy to the machines, which are equipped with energy efficient, LED lighting. We take care of the rest!

Is a contract required?

We don’t believe in long term contracts. It is our job to ensure that we are exceeding your expectations and that you are happy with the quality of products and service we provide. As a result, there is no time commitment associated with having Live Healthy Vending at your location. We can remove our equipment at any time and without penalty if you are not satisfied with the service we provide.

What is the process for bringing Live Healthy Vending or Live Healthy Markets into our breakroom?

The first step would be to reach out to us via the Contact Us page, by
e-mail at info@livehealthyvending.com or by phone at (623) 970-2195. We will then schedule a brief meeting to learn more about your needs and preferences. After this initial meeting, we will work with you to develop a machine configuration and product mix. This is a dynamic process, and is completely customized based on what you are looking for.

Depending on equipment availability, we can then schedule a delivery date. For traditional vending, this usually can be done within one week of your request, whereas for a micro-market or more specific equipment needs, the time frame is generally three weeks.

How often do you visit each location and re-stock?

We service all of our clients as often as necessary to ensure that they are crisp, clean, and fully stocked, and we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service. Because both our traditional vending machines as well as our micro-markets are equipped with remote monitoring capabilities, we are able to track sales in real time to prevent stock-outs.

How do we contact you if we have a service question or need assistance?

Our clients and their employees can reach us through a direct number posted on our machines and in our micro-markets. We don’t believe in 1-800 numbers, and guarantee a prompt response to any questions or concerns.

Are you willing to pass background checks or other security clearance procedures to comply with our procedures?

Absolutely. Many of our clients require security clearance in order to access their property, and we are happy to comply with all security procedures.


What happens if there is a mis-vend or a problem with the machines?

All of our machines are equipped with “Guaranteed Vend” technology which dramatically reduces the frequency of mis-vends, however if a mis-vend occurs, we are committed to providing prompt refunds.

We encourage all of our clients and customers to contact us if there is ever a question or problem, and our direct number is listed on each machine so that customers can reach us personally.

We guarantee a same-day response to any inquiry.

How does the “Guaranteed Vend” feature work?

“Guranteed Vend” is a cutting edge technology which dramatically reduces the frequency of mis-vends. It works by sending a laser across the bottom of the machine which detects whether a product vends and passes through it. If no product passes through the laser, the machine automatically returns the money to the customer or provides them with an opportunity to make another selection.

What condition are the machines in?

All of our machines are either new, or like new. It is our priority to ensure that they are maintained to the highest standard of quality and in keeping with the image of your company.

Is there an additional charge for the Credit and Debit card readers?

All of our machines are equipped with credit and debit card readers, and there is no additional cost for this capability. In addition, we do not charge additional fees on top of product prices for employees who pay with credit or debit – we absorb all fees.

How do the credit and debit card readers work?

Our card readers accept all credit and debit cards, and work similar to the card readers found at most gasoline service stations. Our readers pre-authorize the card in use for $1.50 prior to each transaction, but then only actually charge the card for the price of the product(s) purchased. While we are also able to refund customer funds electronically, we prefer to provide cash refunds in the event that there is a problem with a credit card transaction. This allows our customers to have quicker access to their refund, without having to wait for the card refund to be processed.

What are the dimensions of the machines? Will they fit in our location?

We customize the machine configuration for each of our clients, and are able to offer several different models of machines based on the types of products you would like as well as the constraints of the location where the machine will be placed. Before the machine configuration is finalized and delivered, we will measure the space available to make sure that the machines will fit nicely and provide an attractive appearance.

How much space is required for a micro-market?

The equipment for our micro-markets can be customized to fit almost any space, and can usually fit into the existing space occupied by traditional vending machines. Upon our initial meeting, we will measure the space available and can order equipment specifically to fit your location.

Since micro-markets utilize a self-checkout system, how do you handle security?

Our micro-markets are monitored by 24 hour security cameras in order to minimize theft. While in a workplace setting we find that theft is minimal, we address any theft problems up as they occur, and theft is generally not a problem across our markets.

Do you provide market access cards for employees?

Live Healthy Markets provides barcoded key tags to allow employees to pay directly from their market card, or if our clients prefer we are also able to utilize barcoded employee ID badges as another method for employees to access their account.

How do we transition to Live Healthy Markets from another micro-market company?

The transition from another micro-market company to Live Healthy Markets is seamless. Rather than requesting that your current company distribute cash to each employee to liquidate their market account, simply request a check for the full amount owed to employees along with an accounting of the amounts for each employee. We can then deposit the check so that employees maintain their current balances. We will pre-register everyone before the grand opening, and will provide them with new market cards so that everyone is up and running on day one.

Is your credit card processing system secure?

Our credit card processing systems adhere to the highest level of security and are fully PCI compliant.

Do we have input into the products that are offered in the machines?

We pride ourselves on customizing the product mix for each individual client. We will sit down with you to develop the initial selection of products, tailored specifically to what you and your employees are looking for. From there, the product mix is dynamic and we welcome all requests and feedback from employees and customers.

Can you provide products to accommodate employees with special dietary restrictions?

Absolutely. It is our job to learn about the employees at each location, and we are able to provide a wide variety of options tailored towards special nutritional needs including gluten-free, dairy-free, weight watchers, low-sodium, etc.

Is your pricing competitive? Are the prices fixed?

It is a top priority for us to ensure that we have competitive pricing, and we encourage all of our clients to let us know if there is ever an instance in which our pricing is not competitive. In that case, it is our responsibility to do our best to meet or beat the competing price.

Prices for products are generally constant, except in the case of a product for which our purchasing price rises significantly.



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