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Experience the market difference.

Bring Live Healthy Markets to your breakroom!

Live Healthy

Live Healthy Markets is a 24 hour mini-market, right in your break room! Using a self-checkout kiosk, employees can grab a healthy snack or meal in a matter of seconds. No more standing in line or losing your money due to a mis-vend! Employees can even check-out directly from their smartphone! Instead of traditional vending machines, Live Healthy Markets utilizes open coolers and shelving systems. This allows us to offer an endless variety of products and unmatched convenience for employees.


The Market Difference

Ways to Pay

Live Healthy Markets offers a variety of payment options
for employees. Employees can pay by:



Loading funds into their Live Healthy Markets account. Then just swipe their employee ID badge, scan their fingerprint, or even check out directly from their smartphone - no need to stop at the checkout kiosk!


Hundreds of choices including sandwiches, salads, and other fresh foods unavailable through traditional vending.

Market design customized specifically for your break room.

No more mis-vends! Convenient self-checkout system ensures that employees get the products that they want quickly.

Employees can review nutrition information before purchasing, allowing for better nutritional awareness.


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